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Children's Handwriting Activity Book!

Writing-Right with Professor Pendleton Pencil is a colorful and imaginative children's handwriting activity book packed with activities designed to make handwriting fun. This great reusable activity book was designed for teachers, school administrators and parents looking to add a creative handwriting activity book to their children's lives. Now featuring dry-erase pages, this book can be used dozens of times without signs of ever wearing!

Children's Handwriting Activity BookThis easy-to-follow, fun and reusable children's activity book teaches children important pre-writing and writing basics. Want more? We also offer sing-a-long music CD's, practice paper and large classroom posters.

The lessons included assist children in proper placement of manuscript letters on paper and help prevent incorrect letter and number formations and reversals. By simply following Professor Pendleton Pencil's easy to understand instructions your child or student can significantly improve their writing skills.


An overdue thank you for the fantastic activity book, Writing-Right! My kids think it is great.
- DS, Occupational Therapist

I love the approach you took, very simple and logical. It's understandable and it flows. I also love the reusable, erasable pages.
- CMW, Occupational Therapist

The children so enjoyed the Writing-Right Assembly with you along with Professor Pendleton Pencil. The adorable songs, the appropriately designed strategies and your sweet energetic manner truly made the time very well spent.
- PB, Principal


Easy, Fun Activity Book for Children!
Teaching the art and skill of manuscript handwriting in a fun and easy way! No more tedious black and white handwriting books that are not visually compelling. Children ages 4-8 get excited about the Writing-Right activity book because the many child friendly activities stimulate their senses and they enjoy improving their handwriting skills.

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60-Pages of Fun!
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