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Lori Licker | Occupational Therapist

Lori Licker | Occupational Therapist

Since 1997, I have worked in the public schools helping children with fine motor, visual motor and perceptual visual activities such as handwriting, cutting and tracing.

Through the years, I have noticed that children were rarely excited about learning how to write and would often rush through their assignment, not paying attention to how letters and numbers were properly formed.

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I decided to develop a learning tool for children to help them learn handwriting in a motivating and imaginative way. Writing-Right with Professor Pendleton Pencil is a colorful and reusable handwriting activity book that motivates and teaches children how to write letters and numbers.

The response from the children and teachers in public schools have been very positive.

My goal was accomplished when children were learning manuscript handwriting, without even knowing it. Parents love it, and your children will too. Amazingly, I've seen children come into the Occupational Therapy classroom, look at the book sitting on the table in and literally grab for it to begin writing!

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